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Hanuman Stories - Hanuman Meets Sita in Lanka - Animated Short Stories for Kids

This is the legendary tale of Hanuman's encounter with Sita in the gardens of Lanka. After countless days of fruitless searching, Hanuman finally met sita and, in a bid to prove Lord Ram's Power, he set the entire city of Lanka on fire with his mighty tail.. When one thinks of loyalty, devotion, self-sacrifice and friendship, the first character from the Ramayana who comes to mind is the inimitable lord hanuman. His name is synonymous with lord ram and above all else; he was a devoted friend to him at all times. A brave warrior and a fearless leader, every act of Hanuman teaches us selfless service and sacrifice for the Lord. The values that we learn through the stories of Hanuman serve as a guideline for good behaviors even to this day.

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